Our Aussies

Pumba, our first mini. He is always happy, loves attention, has lots of energy and loves the water/snow more than anything (he also loves posing for the camera). He is also our resident puppy police and our best teacher for the rescues we help. He is a son of Samsons.


This is Badger. Named after the honey badger because he really doesn’t care. He is the most easy going dog I have ever met. He is a standard Aussie. And a lazy one at that! His greatest love would have to be food of any kind! And he loves hanging out in the garage.


This is my heart Samson. I have never had such a wonderful connection with a dog, he is my soulmate! He loves to cuddle and I cannot keep him out of water or mud, if the ground or his pool is not frozen, he is in it!


Taocoon is a character, she has the biggest personality, she just loves to have fun (And she has the biggest wiggle butt). She loves being the resident Nanny to all the pups. She is the best at frisbee here and loves going for car rides!


Annah (or as we call her Nana) is the best mother to her pups I’ve ever seen! (She is now retired) She is also my sidekick. Anytime I go anywhere she wants to go and sit on my center console. She is a total sweetheart and loves to cuddle.

Fred came to us as an Aussie in a dire situation. He needed a lot of rehabilitation. He is high energy and needs to have some sort of ‘job’ to do every day. Although he was never meant to stay here permanently, he has found his place in our pack and has found his forever home with us!

Samson & I during Christmas. He never leaves my side.