We are a Miniature American Shepherd (Mini Aussie) breeder in LaRue Ohio. We started as a family who have a life long love for Aussies, and they have always been a big part of our family. My mother bred dogs my entire life.

Me, helping whelp Lhasa Apso litters

My fiance and I fell in love with one standard Australian shepherd in 2011, and soon had a mini Aussie. When the beloved breeder of our mini began to retire, we were so blessed and fortunate enough to take over for her, and devote our lives to the mission of producing perfect dogs for families. Our Aussies are bred out of pure love, devotion and improvement of the breed. They are raised in our home with our dogs and cats and all the chaos that comes with it. They are all happy, healthy babies with wonderful temperaments. We are not a big breeder. Our dogs and puppies are our family.

Where it all started, my first Aussie

Having adopted dogs from shelters myself, some people may ask, aren’t there enough dogs in this world? Dogs are placed in shelters for many reasons. People are quick to blame irresponsible or lazy owners, but not everyone thinks of the dogs disposition. I do. Also, understanding a breeds needs and characteristics can help alleviate the amount of dogs that end up in shelters. I stand behind my dogs 100%. My dogs, as stated in my contract, can NOT: be bred, surrendered to a shelter, or change hands without written permission by me to do so. Otherwise you are in breach of contract and I will pursue charges. There are many puppy mills and backyard breeders that don’t back their dogs 100%. You must eliminate the options for the buyer to be a burden on the dog world.

Mini Aussies are not a low maintenance breed. Although strikingly beautiful, they do require a lot of up keep. From regular grooming, discipline, socialization, to an obscene amount of exercise. Mini Aussies are extremely intelligent, and if not properly stimulated, can be destructive. They are the most loyal breeds I have ever come across and melt the hearts of anyone they meet.

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